Half day (4hours) 7.30-11.30am or 1.30-5.30pm

Full day (7hours) 7.30-2:30pm


In shore fishing is a very exiting kind of fishing because you can spot beautiful and huge cave rock fish in the shallow water as well as other wildlife. We usually fish between 60-130 feet of water and we have more than 90 waypoints in our GPS that make it easy to find the correct spot. The techniques that we use are: trolling, jigging, popping, bottom fishing, chumming, and live bait.

The kind of fish that you can spot are various including: black tuna, white tuna, yellow fin tuna, red snapper , cubera snapper, yellow tale snapper, mullet snapper, rock snapper, rooster fish, amber jack, jack crovalle, big eye jack ,blue runners ,rainbow runners ,pampano jack , mahi mahi, and grouper.


  • Gear & Equipment Including Lifejackets
  • Water Taxi from Beach to Boat (*tips to the driver are welcomed and encouraged)
  • Water & Soft Drinks
  • Fresh Fruits
  • Costa Rican typical meal